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Who are we?

We are a group of people who know an amazingly gracious God has saved us, and so, we want to live for Him. We know this because Jesus came into this world, and died a death that each of us deserved. But he didn’t stay dead; he rose again and offers us the hope of eternal life! Young Adults at NBC embrace this hope and want to share it with all!

In saying that, you don’t have to be sure of or know all this to get involved, get connected and get fed at Narwee Baptist. We hope everyone feels welcome! Here is a little more about who we are and what we do.

What is a ‘young adult’?

You tell us if you think you’re still young enough to be a ‘young adult’! However, roughly speaking we are talking 18 to mid 30s.

These groups are relatively fluid but seek to allow us to care for people as best we can, by ensuring they can connect and grow with one another.

What do we do?

A church is a gathering of people who want to live for God. To do this, we gather together to encourage each other, to learn about how we do this and live life together – rejoicing in the good times and struggling through the tough times.

As people who want to know God, we need to hear from Him. This means we prioritise hearing from God through His word, the Bible. This happens at our regular Sunday Services at 6pm, and in ‘Home Groups’ throughout the week. We also meet to share life and grow relationally; this means we have regular social gatherings and events.

Ultimately we seek to show and share God’s love; longing to see new people welcomed, connected and gathered into the community and most importantly into God’s family. We hope to see people grow in their knowledge and love of God and demonstrate this as they gladly serve their God, the community and those in need; actively making Jesus name known to all.

Get Fed – see the sermon link to hear our weekly talks from the Bible or check out the other resources, including daily devotions, in the ‘get fed’ link.

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